Kossuth Regional Health Center

Kossuth Regional Health Center Phone Directory

Main Hospital Phone: 515-295-2451 or Tollfree: 800-603-8433

KRHC Clinic Phone, Algona: 515-295-7714

KRHC Clinic Phone, Bancroft: 515-885-2336

KRHC Family Pharmacy: 515-295-4567

Community Health/Hospice of the Heartland: 515-295-4430

Ageless Solutions Aesthetic Clinic: 515-295-4564  Open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Essential Health Acupuncture: 515-295-4469   Open Monday and Thursday

Contacting a Health Care Provider

Direct phone numbers for the POD Coordinators are as follows:

  • 515-295-4492 - POD A Coordinator: Heather Sanculi for Michael Lampe, DO and Greg Zaugg, PA
  • 515-295-4493 - POD B Coordinator: Julie Poeppe for Josiah Brinkley, MD and Brent Owen, MD
  • 515-295-4556 - POD C Coordinator: Crystal Bronson for Kenton Moss, MD and Alan Hjelle, MD
  • 515-295-4483 - POD D Coordinator: Cassandra Vaske for Mark Davis, PA and Rachel Venteicher, DO
  • 515-295-4529 - POD F Coordinator: Shannon Oyen for Kim Etherington, PA
  • 515-885-2336 - Bancroft Clinic: Jen Von Bank PA
  • 515-295-4534 - General Surgeon Coordinator: Ashley Riedesel for Harry Condoleon, DO
  • 515-295-4534 - Behavioral Health Coordinator: Ashley Riedesel for Mia Hegarty-Roach, PhD

Please do not use the contact form below for the purpose of seeking medical advice or in the case of an emergency.  Thank you! 

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