Kossuth Regional Health Center

If you are expecting...expect great things from Kossuth Regional Health Center's OB Department!

Looking for a personalized care experience for the delivery of your new baby?  Kossuth Regional Health Center offers great care in a personal, professional setting.  Find out more about our obstetrics department below, or join us for a childbirth education class.  Click here to see upcoming dates for classes.

Who is involved in obstetrics care at Kossuth Regional Health Center?

Five family physicians on the KRHC medical staff help welcome approximately 100 babies into the world each year.   Physicians and nursing staff in the care of laboring mothers are nationally certified in fetal monitoring.  Four physicians at KRHC are certified to perform C-sections.  After you leave the hospital with your newborn, you will have the option of a home visit from a Community Health nurse for a baby weight check, breastfeeding support or to ask other questions that may arise once you've returned home.

What are the maternity rooms like?

KRHC offers three Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum (LDRP) birthing suites. These spacious, private rooms allows families to enjoy this special time in a comfortable manner, surrounded by the family and friends they choose. The newest addition to your family can remain in your room or in the security of our nursery. Birthing suites furnishings include a rocker/recliner and a couch that folds out for comfortable sleeping space. Each room also has a refrigerator that can be used by the patient and family. Tours of the OB rooms are available on request.


Childbirth Education Classes

New parents are invited to attend childbirth education classes at Kossuth Regional Health Center, taught by Deb Hansen, R.N., Salena Siefken, R.N. and certified breastfeeding educator. Classes are offered several times each year on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with breastfeeding classes held at a separate time. These classes are free to those who plan to deliver at KRHC or for a fee of $25 if you plan to deliver elsewhere.  Please call Community Health for more information or to pre-register at 515-295-4430. 

Prenatal Care

Expecting mothers are encouraged to seek out parental care well before the birth of their baby.  Prenatal care should begin during the first trimester of pregnancy. Click here for more online resources for expecting moms and parents. Call the KRHC clinic at 515-295-7714 to schedule your initial OB visit.

Breastfeeding Support

The KRHC Family Pharmacy offers breastfeeding supplies such as nursing bras, milk storage bags and breast pumps. Pumps are offered for both sale or a monthly rental fee.  KRHC is pleased to offer the assistance of breastfeeding experts on our staff:

  • Salena Siefken, Community Health R.N. and certified breastfeeding educator at 515-295-4430
  • Deb Hansen, R.N.  and certified lactation counselor at 515-295-2451

Pain Control

Expecting mothers have many options when it comes to pain control during labor.  KRHC offers a variety of choices, including epidural and intrathecal pain control, IV pain medication, and ambulation.  A birthing ball and portable electronic fetal monitor are available also.

Contact us

For more information contact Martha Hoffman, OB Coordinator, 515-295-2451 ext. 225.