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Walk-In Wellness

Wellness LabKossuth Regional Health Center also offers Walk In Wellness screenings to the public. People can choose from a select list of laboratory tests for a flat fee (insurance is not filed) which are available without a doctor’s order. The results of these tests will help patients monitor their own health status.

As Americans become more health-conscious and increasingly aware of their physical health and illness in general, they are interested in knowing and monitoring their personal test results beyond what is provided at their annual physicals. While this service does not take the place of medical care, it is another tool for patients to access the information they need to monitor their own health.

Walk In Wellness testing is offered from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Everyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Results of the tests are sent directly to the patient within one week. Patients are encouraged to share the results with their personal physician. Critical test results will be reviewed by a physician. Payment for the tests must be received at the time of service in cash or check; insurance will not be billed.

The wellness tests offered include:

Hematology Wellness $15.00

White Blood Count
Red Blood Count and Indices
Platelet Count
(Checks for anemia, infections)

Glucose Wellness * $10.00


Cholesterol Wellness * $10.00


ALT Wellness $10.00
          ALT (Liver)  
AST Wellness $10.00
          AST (Liver)  
Potassium /Sodium Wellness $10.00
Lipid + Glucose Wellness * $30.00

HDL Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol (calc)

Chemistry Wellness * $30.00

Glucose (Diabetes)
BUN (Kidney)
Creatinine (Kidney)
Calcium (Osteoporosis)
Alkaline Phosphatase (Liver)
ALT (Liver)
Uric Acid (Gout)
Total Protein (Nutritional Status)

Hemoglobin A1C Wellness $30.00
        Glycohemoglobin (Diabetes)  
TSH Wellness $40.00
        TSH (Thyroid)  
Free T4 Wellness $40.00
        Free T4  
PSA Wellness $45.00
        Prostate Specific Antigen (Prostate Cancer)  
Blood Type $20.00

ABO Type
RH Type


Vitamin D screening


* Indicates that an Individual should be fasting. Fasting, for the laboratory, means no solid or liquid food for 12 hours and no alcohol 24 hours prior to specimen collection. Water should be taken in normal amounts and you should continue taking your medications as directed by your provider.

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